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A Brighter Course Forward

Sirena 48 Hybrid

Never resting on past successes, Sirena Yachts has turned its creative powers to the idea of creating an efficient cruiser using hybrid propulsion to drive the hull at a variety of speeds. The time to adapt serial hybrid propulsion to cruising yachts is upon us, since we all need to strive to reduce our carbon emissions, and lighter electric motors and batteries are creating greater range opportunities for yachts equipped with hybrid systems. But a groundbreaking propulsion system does not mean this new model will be any less of a Sirena Yacht. Experienced Sirena Yachts enthusiasts appreciate the company's foundation in efficient cruising, exceptional interior and exterior design, high-quality materials, and a rich boatbuilding tradition. This blend respects history while embracing innovation and technology for industry leadership.
Sirena has stayed true to its well-found yacht-building tenets, and delivers a distinctive design in a hardtop version of the Sirena 48 launched last year. The hardtop profile creates less windage and offers a lower center of gravity than the flybridge version, but still has an exceedingly comfortable interior, offering inviting shared spaces and a three-stateroom layout. Meanwhile, the yacht has spacious outdoor areas both on the foredeck and aft cockpit, which can be reached by transiting wide side decks. Check back with Sirena Yachts for updates and developments on this exciting project.


  • Sirena 48 Hybrid Exterior
  • Sirena 48 Hybrid Exterior
  • Sirena 48 Hybrid Exterior


Sirena 48 Hybrid Layout
Sirena 48 Hybrid Layout
Sirena 48 Hybrid Layout
Sirena 48 Hybrid Layout
Sirena 48 Hybrid Layout
Sirena 48 Hybrid Layout
Sirena 48 Hybrid Layout

Technical Characteristics

Length Overall LOA (Including swim platform and anchor roller)
16.04 m
Hull Length LH ISO 8666 (Net GRP-swim platform excluded)
13,79 m
Waterine Length LWL ISO 8666 (Full load conditions)
13,77 m
Hull Beam BHmax ISO 8666
5 m / 16'5"
Max Draft - TMAX ISO 8666
1,16 m
Loaded-Displacement Mass - mLDC ISO 8666
32,4 ton
Light craft condition mass-mLCC ISO 8666
(= Dry displacement, no crew, no luggage)
28,6 ton
Hybrid System Type
Serial Hybrid System
E-Motion Electric Engines SAE1
without clutches Pe=213kW x 2
E-Motion Variable Speed Generators-180 kW x 2
Hybrid System Battery Pack for Propulsion
39.1 kWh x 2 = 78.2 kWh (Std)
Propeller Diameter (Max)
700 mm / 2’355”
Max Speed*
14 knots
Cruising Speed*
6-6.5 knots
Range @ 6.5 knots with only Std Battery Pack
(Full Electric Mode)*
1.8 hour 12 Nm
Range @ 6.5 knots with additional (Optional)
Battery Pack(Full Electric Mode)*
3.6 hour 24 Nm
Range @ 10 knots with only Std Battery Pack
(Full Electric Mode)*
1 hour 9.8 Nm
Range @ 10 knots with additional (Optional)
Battery Pack (Full Electric Mode)*
2 hour 19.6 Nm
Max. Range with only Std Battery Pack
(Full Electric Mode)*
2.5 hour 15 Nm @5.7 knots
Max. Range with additional (Optional)
Battery Pack (Full Electric Mode)*
5.2 hour 30 Nm @5.7 knots
Range with only Generators @ Cruising*
200 Nm
Range with mix usage(Diesel & Battery) @ Cruising*
350 Nm
Max Range with only Generators at Max Speed @14 knots*
240 Nm
Anchor Position - Zero Emission
(with Std Battery Packs)
8 hours (average)
Anchor Position - Zero Emission
(with additional optinal Battery Packs)
16 hours (average)
Fast Charge with Generator or Plug In
45 minutes @90% Battery
CE Category B
Diesel Tank Capacity
1900 lt / 502 gal
Fresh Water Tank
600 lt / 159 gal
Black Water Tank Capacity
300 lt / 79 gal
Gray Water Tank Capacity
240 lt / 63 gal
3 standard + 1 (optional crew cabin)
6 + (1 crew)
2 + 1 (crew head)
Building Material
Hull Type
Semi Displacement
Exterior Styling & Concept
Sirena Marine
Interior Design
Sirena Marine
Naval Architecture
German Frers