Sirena Marine Environmental Policy
Sirena Marine’s environmental management system keeps under control the environmental impact of its production processes and services. Sirena Marine consistently improves its environmental performance and complies with all environmental laws and regulations.
Sirena Marine’s policies involve the following: To protect and sustain the environment by complying with all environmental laws and regulations, keeping environmental impact under control, reducing adverse effects, continuously improving environmental performance, increasing environmental awareness in all production operations, to keep the environment for future generations.
Sirena Marine San. ve Tic. A.Ş. implements this policy by complying with the following:
  • To follow and fulfil the requirements of environmental legislation,
  • To continuously improve our environmental management systems,
  • To minimize waste, prevent pollution at its source, increase the efficiency of energy use and reduce the adverse effects of production and service activities on the environment,
  • To identify the risks related to environmental hazards and to reduce them,
  • To increase the environmental awareness of employees through training,
  • To provide the human resources, technology and financial resources needed to reduce our impact on the environment, and
  • To increase the environmental awareness of our suppliers and all stakeholders and to encourage them to respect the environment.