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Founded in 2006 by Kıraça Holding, Sirena Marine is a prominent manufacturer in both the Yachting and Automotive Industries.

Sirena Marine’s vision is to develop internationally-renowned yachting brands by drawing on the talents of world-leading designers like Germán Frers, Rob Humphreys, Tommaso Spadolini and Giovanni Ceccarelli and combining their skills with its own hard-won manufacturing expertise and considerable engineering knowhow. This approach has already borne fruit in Sirena’s award-winning AZUREE Sailing Brand, the outstanding EUPHORIA Luxury Sailing Series and Company’s brand-new SIRENA Motor Yachts. Having discovered that its expertise can successfully be applied beyond the yachting sphere, Sirena recently expanded into producing composite and stainless components for the rail, automotive, defense and heavy equipment sectors. The company’s passionate commitment to quality and worldwide brand development has attracted clients from all over the globe, from Europe to the US, Australia and to China.


State-of-the-art technology meets unparalleled handcrafting capabilities. All Sirena Marine product lines are manufactured in the company’s own facility, where over 550 employees – including 80 engineers – work in a 155,000 square meters of area. By keeping key-manufacturing activities, such as stainless steel, furniture, teak and upholstery as well as all composite parts in-house, the company is keeping on to build its own experience and skills that led Sirena Marine become one of the leading Yacht Manufacturers in the Mediterranean region.

All Sirena Yachts’ hulls and decks are built using the vacuum infusion method, allowing Sirena Marine to combine today’s top technology with consolidated yachting craftsmanship principles. Tools and processes are co-engineered with worldwide suppliers, where 400 years of handcrafting experience and passion in yacht building guarantee meticulous execution and detailing.

4 internal workshops

To guarantee maximum quality of high-perception elements: Furnitures, Stainless Steel, Teak, Uphostery.

State of the Art

Technological area to guarantee top quality for Moulds, Hulls, Decks.

155.000 sqm
(35.000 sqm inclosed)
550+ Employees

Sirena Marine Environmental Policy

Sirena Marine’s environmental management system keeps under control the environmental impact of its production processes and services. Sirena Marine consistently improves its environmental performance and complies with all environmental laws and regulations.

Sirena Marine’s policies involve the following: To protect and sustain the environment by complying with all environmental laws and regulations, keeping environmental impact under control, reducing adverse effects, continuously improving environmental performance, increasing environmental awareness in all production operations, to keep the environment for future generations.

Sirena Marine San. ve Tic. A.Ş. implements this policy by complying with the following:

  • To follow and fulfil the requirements of environmental legislation,
  • To continuously improve our environmental management systems,
  • To minimize waste, prevent pollution at its source, increase the efficiency of energy use and reduce the adverse effects of production and service activities on the environment,
  • To identify the risks related to environmental hazards and to reduce them,
  • To increase the environmental awareness of employees through training,
  • To provide the human resources, technology and financial resources needed to reduce our impact on the environment, and
  • To increase the environmental awareness of our suppliers and all stakeholders and to encourage them to respect the environment.

This new model is the second to be launched after SIRENA 64, which received very positive comments, and achieved great success at 2017 Düsseldorf Yacht Show. She is the smaller of a projected line of five Motor Yachts planned for the near future by SIRENA Yachts.

Like her predecessor, SIRENA 58 benefits from the development of its efficient hull underbody, and having the best performance at a wide range of Froude numbers, from displacement mode up to planning condition. She is able to explore all corners of the world, cruising in comfort and safety with low fuel consumption.

The construction is done using resin infusion for best fiber to resin content. The scant links and hull reinforcements have been planned to comply with ISO 12215 requirements.

Aesthetically she shows a very strong purposeful character of an expedition yacht, having full headroom throughout, large uncluttered deck areas, large glass window surfaces and a fly bridge that is larger than the norm.

The volume inside is quite ample for a yacht of her size. The joinery work built of high quality woods and fabrics, offers variety of options regarding its interior layout to maximize the joy of life at the sea according to every individual’s needs.

Germán Frers

The Journey Continues!

Germán Frers’ groundbreaking hull design success from SIRENA 64 keeps on with her little sister SIRENA 58.

Long Voyages!

Thanks to her highly efficient hull shape, SIRENA 58 gives the possibility to undertake lengthily voyages in long lasting comfort.

Perfect Balance Between Form And Function

Advanced engineering doesn’t compromise the sleek. The sculptured lines convey her high quality and refined style where enjoyment is not only visual, but also functional.

In 2014, Sirena Marine set out to produce a new line of motoryachts with a difference. Bold, sophisticated and spacious by design, the five-model series – ranging in size from 56ft to 120ft – was to possess the distinctive styling of Sirena Marine paired with a trademark vision. From a generous flybridge to aft seating areas to wide open spaces, the brief called for an exciting new breed of expedition vessels.

The 64 is the first model in the line to be launched. Suitable for family world cruising on a serious scale, its spacious three-configuration layout features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, reams of natural light, and an interior design by Tommaso Spadolini. Pairing Italian flair with Turkish craftsmanship, it is a stunning model with huge aesthetic appeal.

The innovative hull design has also undergone rigorous testing at the renowned Wolfson Unit at the University of Southampton, including three rounds of towing tank testing. Sea Keeping tests have also been conducted on a self-propelled scale model of the hull. The result is an innovative, low drag, canoe-shaped body capable of planing at high speed or semi-displacement cruising when in low fuel consumption mode. Equipped with gyroscopic stabilisers, it offers the ultimate in smooth cruising, not to mention optimised comfort at anchor; the perfect yacht for explorative, family adventure.

Max Length LMAX ISO 8666 (Incl. swim platform and excl. pulpit)
18,58 m / 61’
Hull Length LH ISO 8666 (Net GRP-swim platform excluded)
17,18 m / 56’ 4”
Waterine Length LWL ISO 8666 Full load condition
17,00 m / 55’ 9”
Hull Beam BHmax ISO 8666 (© Mid-ship section)
5,36 m / 17’7”
Max Draft - TMAX ISO 8666
1,24 m / 4’ 1”
Loaded displacement mass-mLDC ISO 8666
34,5 tonnes (with 2 x CAT C8.7) / 76279 lbs
36 tonnes (with 2 x CAT C12.9) - optional / 79366 lbs
Light craft condition mass-mLCC ISO 8666 ( Dry displacement, no crew, no luggage)
28 tonnes (with 2 x CAT C8.7) / 61730 lbs
29,5 tonnes (with 2 x CAT C12.9) - optional / 65036 lbs
CAT C 8.7 - 650Hp x 2
CAT C 12.9 - 850Hp x 2 - optional
Marine gears
ZF 325 IV (CAT C8.7)
ZF 335 IV (CAT C12.9) - optional
Reduction ratio
2.037: 1 (ZF 325 IV)
1 .964: 1 (ZF 335 IV) - optional
V Drive
Propeller Diameter (Max)
800 mm / 2’6”
Max Speed
27 knots
30 knots
Cruising Speed
16 knot
Economy Cruising Speed
10 knot
Range 10 kn (incl. 10% Reservoir)
850 NM
CE Category A
Diesel Tank Capacity
3600 l / 950 gal
Fresh Water Tank
770 l / 210 gal
Black Water Tank Capacity
450 l / 120 gal
Gray Water Tank Capacity
225 l / 60 gal
3 standard + 1 (optional crew cabin)
6 + (1 crew)
3 + 1 (crew head)
Building Material
GRP / Carbon hybrid fiber
Hull Type
Semi Displacement
Exterior Styling & Concept
Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering
Interior Decor
Design Studio Spadolini
Hull Design
Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering
Max Length LMAX ISO 8666
(Included swim platform and pulpit)
20,74 m / 68’
Hull Length LH ISO 8666
(Net GRP-swim platform excluded)
19,33 m / 63’4”
Waterine Length LWL ISO 8666
19,06 m (@ full load) / 62’5”
Hull Beam BHmax ISO 8666
5,9 m / 19’4”
Max Draft - TMAX ISO 8666
1,48 m (@ full load) / 4’8”
Loaded displacement mass-mLDC ISO 8666
46 tonnes / 101,412 lbs
Height above the waterline Ha ISO 8666
6,33 m (without equipment on top) / 20’8”
Light craft condition mass - mLCC ISO 8666
38 tonnes / 83,775 lbs
CAT C12.9 - 850Hp x 2
CAT C12.9 - 1000Hp x 2 (optional)
Marine gears
ZF 335 IV
ZF 500 IV (optional)
Reduction ratio
V Drive
Propeller diameter (max)
860 mm / 33.9’’
Max Speed
26 knots (with 850Hp engine)
28 knots (with 1000Hp engine)
Cruising Speed
16 knot
Economy cruising Speed
10 knot
Consumption @ cruising speed 16 kn
130 l/hr / 34 gal/hr
Consumption @ 10 kn
38 l/hr / 10 gal/hr
Range 10 kn (incl. 10% reservoir)
Approx. 1.200 NM
CE Category A
Diesel tank capacity
5000 l / 1320 gal
Fresh water tank
1400 l / 369 gal
Black water tank capacity
400 l / 105 gal
Gray water tank capacity
400 l / 105 gal
3 standard + 1 (optional crew cabin)
6 + (2 crews)
4 + 1 (crew head)
Building material
GRP / Carbon hybrid fiber
Hull type
Semi Displacement
Exterior styling & concept
Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering
Interior Decor
Design Studio Spadolini
Hull Design
Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering
Length Overal l m. (L.O.A.)
Length of Hull m.
Length of Water Line m. (L.W.L.)
Beam Max m.
Draft m.
Displacement t. (Light Ship)
Max Speed kn.
25 (with opt. engine)
2x 1400 Hp MAN V12
2x 1550 Hp MAN V12 (Optional)
Range nm.
2500+ @ 10 knot
Fuel Capacity
17000 lt
Fresh Water Capacity
2500 lt
Black Water Capacity
850-1000 lt
Grey Water Capacity
850-1000 lt
5+2 (10+3)
4+2 (8+3) – alternative selection
GRP hull and deck – Carbon Fiber superstructure
Exterior Design
German Frers
Interior Design
Cor D. Rover
CE Category A


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